Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hotter N Hell 2010

This past weekend I attended the Hotter N Hell 100 race in Wichita Falls TX. This was my 7th year in a row to attend and even though I had not trained at all, I was determined to go. And after a few days of thinking about it, I am glad I did. Right afterwards.....not so much.

I did the 50 mile ride which was kind of a stretch since that was just about how many miles I had put on my bike for the entire year. Luckily though, I was still able to get through it and actually had a pretty decent ride time, but it was not an enjoyable ride at all. The wind was a bugger, but the big problem was just my fitness level. Which is non-existent right now. But I fully plan on jumping back in the saddle again and plan on attending another ride in three weeks....this time with more rides under my belt before hand.

In other news, somewhere in the middle of my bachelorette party (most likely between bottle two and three of wine) I thought that signing up for the Houston Half Marathon lottery with one of my bridesmaids was a fantastic idea. We found out last week that we got in so I will now be training for a half marathon at the end of January. Even though I groan a little bit, I am really kind of excited.


Unknown said...

wow. you are tough! That's about how many miles i've logged for the year too. glad you did it!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I still cant phatom the site of 14k bikers, how can anyone move?

lol, your the person this month that has signed up for a race that alcohol made it sound like a good idea

Unknown said...

Makes me want to do a ride like that again. :-)

Hahahahah. Well have fun training for the half!

Jenny Davidson said...

Half-marathoning is fun - enjoy yourself!

mizuno said...

Hotter N Hell 100 race is great. Great job! congrats.

Rachel said...

So...was it "Hotter than Hell"? Good job on the ride. And you'll do awesome on the Houston Half!