Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Higher Tolerance

I have never made it a secret that I hate running. Or jogging. Or the occasional crawl I am forced to do. But, yes another new toy has made its way into my collection that makes it all a little more tolerable.

I am a dork and should not need electronic motivation, but I love it. It helps so much when I can see how much further I need to go and just basically have something to play with! I was not sure about the Nike shoes because I am a die hard Asics fan but I also though it was time for a change. I got the Nike Pegasus and although they felt strange at first I think I like them. They are considerably lighter than my Asics which is probably the reason for them feeling so strange. Anyways, the whole goal is to make this experience a little more enjoyable until I hit that "runners high" which I am sure is out there!

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