Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gettin' Ready

The weather here has been so completely gorgeous for the last month that it has been fairly incredible. I was hoping we would skip the whole winter thing all together, but as it turns out we are finally getting a dose of it this weekend. I can't complain though....they are calling for 2-3 inches of snow on Friday and then on Sunday there is a high in the 80's. That is Texas for you!

My first triathlon of the year is in a week and a half. A YMCA in a small town in the area is putting it on and I think it will be a great beginner event because it is even shorter than a normal sprint and will probably be low key so less stress. I am taking my roommate for her first ever triathlon and I know she is going to do fantastic. I am happy to be going just because I think it will get excited for the rest of the season and also help to see where I am fitness wise. We are going to do a practice tri tonight to just go through everything and practice transitions.

I have started planning my biking events for the year too. The Hotter N Hell 100 in Wichita Falls is always my big one for the year and my absolute favorite. I am going for my first century ride there this year which will be a great place to do it. They serve beer at mile 98 so that is incentive enough for me. :) I was actually able to get a hotel room this year instead of camping so that will make it even nicer! The camping is fun because you meet all sorts of neat people, but having a full nights sleep before doing my first century is going to be important!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ski Pictures

We went skiing last weekend in Ruidoso NM and it was a lot of fun. The snow was not great so we only skied for one day and then went tubing the next. I want to go back to the area when it warms up and take my bike because that could be a lot of fun! I could tell a huge difference in the altitude though because I got out of breath very easily there. Anyways, here are some quick pics from the trip!

Tubing was way more fun and scarier than I thought it would be! It is too bad there is no audio for this picture because I am pretty sure I shrieked like a little girl the whole way down.

My niece and I. Another niece was with us who is 7 and it was her first time to ever ski. Those tiny kids pick it up fast and then go zooming down the hill. It really makes me want to stick out a pole to trip them, but I refrained.

Can you tell I a solid bunny slop skier? I love the crossed skis in this picture. I am sure I fell over immediately after this picture was taken.