Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ski Pictures

We went skiing last weekend in Ruidoso NM and it was a lot of fun. The snow was not great so we only skied for one day and then went tubing the next. I want to go back to the area when it warms up and take my bike because that could be a lot of fun! I could tell a huge difference in the altitude though because I got out of breath very easily there. Anyways, here are some quick pics from the trip!

Tubing was way more fun and scarier than I thought it would be! It is too bad there is no audio for this picture because I am pretty sure I shrieked like a little girl the whole way down.

My niece and I. Another niece was with us who is 7 and it was her first time to ever ski. Those tiny kids pick it up fast and then go zooming down the hill. It really makes me want to stick out a pole to trip them, but I refrained.

Can you tell I a solid bunny slop skier? I love the crossed skis in this picture. I am sure I fell over immediately after this picture was taken.


L. said...

I'm a total bunny-sloper, too! I'm not that experienced, but I do love to ski, and I find the most fun on those slopes at this point.

Glad you had fun!

- L.

L. said...

91 degrees? That's...just...too hot!

I'm really looking forward to the time change and more light during the day, too.