Friday, September 25, 2009

Bike Report and Powerbar Complaint

I did end up doing the bike race last year although due to my cold, I brought my mileage WAY down and did 32 miles. Oddly enough, the longer I was on the bike, the better I could breath and by the end of it I was feeling so good I wished I had ridden the 48. Sort of.

This race was pretty cool because the swag bags were incredible. I realize this is not the reason one should attend events, but it is pretty high up there for me. That and the fact they gave free lunch afterwards. That totally had me sold. For a first year event, it was very well organized, tons of rest stops, and great volunteers. If they have it next year, I am there in a heart beat.

It was interesting because this race was very diverse as far as its participants and there were a lot of obvious beginners on mountain bikes and cruisers. While I am always glad to see new people at bicycling events, it is slightly terrifying because you just never know what newbies will do. Like riding three abreast on a highway and oblivious to my calls of "car back!!". Probably because they had their earphones in, a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Luckily, I did not see any accidents and was able to get around most of them pretty soon without incidents. I really wish headphones were banned for all cycling events. It is just too dangerous with that many people around.

In another gripe....Powerbar is now on my bad list. They have stopped making the Gel Blasts in the Cola flavor and replaced it with some strawberry banana crap. I have raved about these several times on this blog and they were just the greatest supplement in my mind. I wrote an email to Powerbar and as I figured they probably would, I got a very typical form letter that did not address anything I talked about. are dead to me. (although I did order a case from a supplier that still had some left) After those run out though....I am going back to Shot Blocks!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Triathlon pictures

Here are two pictures from last weekends triathlon. You can see Greg off in the back right hand side running in after me which was sweet. He said he could not figure out if that would offend me or not, but honestly at that point, I could not breath much in order to answer him. I look like I worked really hard because my shirt is all wet but a lot of that is left over from the swim and the constant rain/mist that continued through the whole race. I ended up in a long sleeve cotton shirt because it was cold that morning, but some sort of technical tee would have been wiser because of the water. That cotton shirt was very heavy by the end! You learn something every time though.

I am signed up to ride 62 miles this weekend at a race in Plainview. It should be a very flat course and a good ride however at this point I could care less due to that fact I have had a cold invade my body. I think it is getting better but my nose is about to drive me insane. I think no matter what, I will go but I might consider downgrading to the 48 mile ride if I am not feeling better. I am going for fun so no point in making myself more sick and miserable for a fun ride!

Here are some picture from the rehearsal and the wedding this weekend. It is kind of nice to have a picture where I am not in a race and soaked in sweat! And my hair is even fixed!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Triaversary!!!

This weekend was my 1st Tri-aversary and even though I really did not want to, I went back to go for my second go around of the Texas Tech Rec Triathlon. I had been working on my friend Julie’s wedding for the last several days and when Sunday morning came around, I had a HUGE case of “I don’t wanna”. I had a somewhat groggy conversation with Greg that went like this:

5:15 AM Sunday Morning
Me: “I am not going.”
Greg: “Snore”
Me: “Seriously, I don’t want to go”
Greg: “………………yeshyoudo”
Me: “I just don’t care. I am tired and too fat to race. And it is cold and wet outside. Did I mention I was tired and don’t care about this at all???”
Greg: “sigh…….I will go with you”
Me: “No, you don’t have to because I am not going”
Greg: (puts foot in my back in attempt to get me out of bed) “You already paid and told people you are going. Is this nerves?”
Me: (stubborn and defensive now) “This is not nerves. I am tired and DON’T CARE!”
Greg: “Then stay………snore”
I turn off the light and turn off the alarm.

6:15AM Sunday Morning (the time check in and body marking begins)
I jump out of bed and announce I am going after all and we need to leave in ten minutes.
Greg: “......muttered cursing…”

He did go and watched his first ever triathlon and was so sweet and supportive and even bought me breakfast and coffee afterwards. I was several minutes faster than last year, but managed to still come in second to last. I was not impressed because I had really felt like I was doing so much better, but sometimes that is just the way it goes. My swim itself was probably at least 4 minutes faster than last year which tells you just how much the lessons I have been taking have helped. I wish I had remembered my watch, but it just did not seem important at the time.

No matter how bummed I was about coming in last of the pack, I have now been a triathlete for a year and no matter how slow I am, I still get the title and can be proud of it. I just have to remind myself that I am doing this for me and for the fun of it!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Touch Base

No real reason for the camel picture. I just like him. What could be better than a Thursday Camel Kiss?

-I am not doing a race report for the Hotter N Hell. I tried and failed. It was a great ride and my 5th time so that was exciting but honestly nothing that exciting happened. We went, rode, and drove back and had a great time.

-My dog is healthy and happy and try to destroy everything in sight. He has gained back all of the weight he lost plus a few. I guess not eating for 8 days will really make you appreciate food! He is now 6 months old and about 54 pounds. I am so thankful he is ok, but he is starting his teenage phase for sure!

-My old roommate and triathlon buddy is getting married this weekend. I am doing the flowers and helping my boyfriend do the video so it will be busy but I am sure a lot of fun!

-I wasn't going to do it, but I signed up for a super sprint Triathlon this weekend at Tech. It was my first ever triathlon a year ago so even with the wedding craziness, I wanted to go see if I could do it faster than I did last year. It is a 400 M swim, 12 mile bike, and 2.5 mile run so pretty easy and should be a bright spot in my otherwise hectic weekend. My boyfriend is even going to get up to go watch because he has never been to one!

-I have rediscovered my love for tennis in a big way. It is amazing how quickly I am willing to drop other things I need to be doing to go play a few sets. A friend from the barn and I have been playing about twice a week and have started playing doubles and I LOVE IT! I come home in a great mood even though I am tired and sweaty. It is just nice to be able to find such joy in a sport again.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Ok, after almost 8 days at the vet, my puppy is finally home to stay. We still have to be careful with him and he is awfully skinny, but he is HOME! I appreciate all of the kind comments! It is amazing how attached you can get to those pups in such a short amount of time.
We did make it to the Hotter N Hell 100, but I am going to wait on some pictures for the report. It was a blast and I am so glad I went!