Thursday, September 17, 2009

Triathlon pictures

Here are two pictures from last weekends triathlon. You can see Greg off in the back right hand side running in after me which was sweet. He said he could not figure out if that would offend me or not, but honestly at that point, I could not breath much in order to answer him. I look like I worked really hard because my shirt is all wet but a lot of that is left over from the swim and the constant rain/mist that continued through the whole race. I ended up in a long sleeve cotton shirt because it was cold that morning, but some sort of technical tee would have been wiser because of the water. That cotton shirt was very heavy by the end! You learn something every time though.

I am signed up to ride 62 miles this weekend at a race in Plainview. It should be a very flat course and a good ride however at this point I could care less due to that fact I have had a cold invade my body. I think it is getting better but my nose is about to drive me insane. I think no matter what, I will go but I might consider downgrading to the 48 mile ride if I am not feeling better. I am going for fun so no point in making myself more sick and miserable for a fun ride!

Here are some picture from the rehearsal and the wedding this weekend. It is kind of nice to have a picture where I am not in a race and soaked in sweat! And my hair is even fixed!


High Heels and Huntin' Boots said...

Great pictures! None of the pictures from my triathlon turned out that good. I like that they have the big finish sign. Good luck this weekend! You are one tough chicka to ride that far on a bike! Good luck and feel better!

Stefan said...

technical t's rock. you learn and each time the experience is better.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

oops. you can delete the comment above someone was using my computer and i didn't realize i wasn't signed in.