Friday, September 25, 2009

Bike Report and Powerbar Complaint

I did end up doing the bike race last year although due to my cold, I brought my mileage WAY down and did 32 miles. Oddly enough, the longer I was on the bike, the better I could breath and by the end of it I was feeling so good I wished I had ridden the 48. Sort of.

This race was pretty cool because the swag bags were incredible. I realize this is not the reason one should attend events, but it is pretty high up there for me. That and the fact they gave free lunch afterwards. That totally had me sold. For a first year event, it was very well organized, tons of rest stops, and great volunteers. If they have it next year, I am there in a heart beat.

It was interesting because this race was very diverse as far as its participants and there were a lot of obvious beginners on mountain bikes and cruisers. While I am always glad to see new people at bicycling events, it is slightly terrifying because you just never know what newbies will do. Like riding three abreast on a highway and oblivious to my calls of "car back!!". Probably because they had their earphones in, a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Luckily, I did not see any accidents and was able to get around most of them pretty soon without incidents. I really wish headphones were banned for all cycling events. It is just too dangerous with that many people around.

In another gripe....Powerbar is now on my bad list. They have stopped making the Gel Blasts in the Cola flavor and replaced it with some strawberry banana crap. I have raved about these several times on this blog and they were just the greatest supplement in my mind. I wrote an email to Powerbar and as I figured they probably would, I got a very typical form letter that did not address anything I talked about. are dead to me. (although I did order a case from a supplier that still had some left) After those run out though....I am going back to Shot Blocks!!


foolsfitness said...

I guess I'm one of the "new" bike guys. No I don't have headphones but I do have a cruiser with two speeds... slow and stop. Moreover I'm a guy that ended up with a girls cheap bike.

Sure there was a time years ago when I'd mountian bike 25 miles a day... but now I'm just blessed to have a single speed bike!- Alan

At Foolsfitness we never wear helmets- Alan

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I agree.. headphones in cycling events = recipe for disaster.

Charisa said...

Hmmmm, strawberry banana - BOOOO! I agree with you - cola is much better!

And headphones + bikes = danger!