Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am still suffering from a mild case of writer block, but I am anticipating an end to that block once races start coming up. Until then though, I am going to give you a cheerful list!
Reasons to be happy today:

1. The weather lately has been gorgeous. And I am not just talking spring-like gorgeous….we are talking SUMMER gorgeous. It was in the mid 80’s the last two days and it has completely changed my attitude about everything. I sat on my horse last night, outside, in LIGHT and just relished everything. I think I laughed and had more fun just being last night than I have in ages.
2. I love swimming. Not only do I love swimming, but I am getting faster and don’t get tired like I used to. After doing drills for 30 minutes, I used to have to drag myself out of the pool. Now, I am whining for more and want to stay after to get more laps in.
3. Did I mention I love swimming? I just need to talk for a minute about that first glide into the water and how wonderful and cool it feels and just for that moment…I actually feel graceful! (that is not a common occurrence in my life)
4. I started to reach for a mid morning snack this morning and actually stopped to ask myself if I was actually hungry or just snacky. It is silly but a nice breakthrough to have every once in awhile. It is hard working in an office where you sit all day and there is always food available in within reach. I know that when it comes time to run though, I am going to feel every single pound so that is motivation to watch it!
5. I rode my bike to work and it was beautiful! And riding in the mornings always puts me in best mood for the day. Unless someone tries to run me over. Then I get a little grumpy. Most of the time people are really respectful though.
6. I am going skiing this weekend! I may be skiing on ice instead of snow, but I am going to have fun. If I do happen to break something I will be sure to have my camera so I can take some good pictures to post. Knowing me, I will at the very least have some good bruises to show off. Assuming of course, they are in a location that I can show off which is not very likely now that I think about this a little more.
7. The demon kitten went back home to live with her father. Not that I do not love her, but I am very happy to be in a two cat household again. Three is just too many and I get way too many crazy cat lady comments. Now my BF can deal with her weirdness and her incessant desire to lick your lips in the middle of the night. If you ever need an exfoliator for your lips, I will express mail her to you.

Demon kitten on the left. Yes, I know she looks sweet. Demons lie though. Especially when they are sleeping.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines!

If you love Valentines or hate it, I hope everyone had a wonderful day today! Personally, it is pretty commercial, but I have to say I love the red everywhere. I love walking into the stores and being visually assaulted with red everywhere. It may be a silly reason to like a holiday, but it works for me!
I ran a 4 mile relay race with a friend this morning and while I was dreading it simply because I had not run in forever, I had a blast. I was really thinking that I would end up having to walk just because of the whole not running anyways, I did it. And not only did I run the whole time, (ok there was those 10 steps, but I quickly got back on track) but I had a blast! Isn't is funny how a race can totally put you in a good mood and motivate you to do even more? Love those endorphins! Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sign Up Time

I have been working on a post for forever and while I have not scrapped it yet, it just does not work for me yet. I feel like it is something that could be funny and insightful and it just sounding dumb right now. But, just so you guys don't think I have fallen off a cliff, here I am.
I have started signing up for my races this year and I have to say that it has really helped with motivation. The first one is not even long enough to be a sprint, but it is put on by a small town YMCA and looks like it could be a lot of fun. The race director has promised that if it goes well, he will put on a full length one so I want to support it. I also signed up my roommate for it. I was nice enough to even tell her about it after I forged her signature and sent it off. I knew if I asked she would say no but if I went ahead and did it she would go along with it. Knowing her she will probably end up beating me!
My next tri will be a sprint and my first lake swim. I am a little nervous about that, but as soon as I get my wetsuit (sleeves? no sleeves? Opinions?) I am going to go practice since it is local. I also have until May to get comfortable in the lake so that is nice but I am sure the time will pass by quickly. This race is the day before my birthday so I am sure that is a sign that I will do really well and have a blast.
I have a 4 mile relay run this weekend that I am doing with a friend that I am determined to do no matter how cold and slow I know I am going to be. In the long run, all that matters is that I finish, no matter how long it may take me!