Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I was grumpy this morning. I kept thinking about all of the things I needed to do and how I did not have time to do what I wanted to do. Then, the first blog I read this morning was this by Fatty , and suddenly things are put in their proper perspective. Fatty, I am praying for you and your family. You have worked so hard and done so many great things to raise money for cancer research that you are really an inspiration.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quick Update

I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut-off for the last week so I am sorry for the blogless period, however there has just not been that much exciting to report on! I will hit the highlights though.

-I got new pedals! I finally got a set of speedplay pedals that I am going to work on getting on my bike....as soon as I get my new shoes to go with the new pedals. I am working on that though. Pretty sure I know what I am getting, I just need to go to the bike store and I get everything right.

- I nearly had a cyclist hit my car today. Notice I said he nearly hit me, not the other way around. I was at a stop sign just waiting and he was just not looking where he was going and tried to be a hood ornament.

-I am going to do a half marathon as a relay with a friend in January! I am excited and I think it will help me learn about pacing while in a big group of people. That way, I can be confident when I do a half by myself at the end of February.

I think that is about it for now. Not as much training going on as should be, but I am trying to get ready for a horse show in November so that is highest on my priority list right now. That, and sleep. :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What I Woke Up To

Just for any of you who thinks I may have been exaggerating about the Viagra bangs, here is what I saw when I looked in the mirror this morning.

I am thinking the cat must have licked them all night in order to achieve this style. However, I am consoling myself by saying that now I officially have move star looks.

It is still raining here but I managed to talk my roommate into going for a run with me last night. The shoes are going to be drying for several days, but it was really kind of fun!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Random Thoughts

1) This is my second time writing this because right as I got to the end, I accidentally closed out the window. Be assured that this post was originally much more interesting and entertaining before. I cannot be expected to remember what clever things I said before much less repeat the performance.

2) It is cold and raining here. It is dreary enough to motivate me to do nothing. I do have a bike ride scheduled for tomorrow but the weather may not cooperate.

3) The time change is coming soon and it makes me grumpy. Non-active friends do not understand why this makes me so upset, but it really screws with my schedule when it gets dark an hour after I get off work. This means I am going to have to start getting up and working out in the morning so that there is appropriate horse time in the evening. Ugh.

4) I remember the days when I would workout and not feel the need to analyze my pee afterwards. Is it too dark? Too light? Should I be drinking more or less? Supplements? The fact I spend this much time thinking about it...and not writing about it. Wow.

5) My horse is getting his winter coat in and is also tubbing up so he can stay warm. By the way my pants fit this morning, I am apparently trying to do the same, but luckily do not seem to be growing excessive body hair as well.

6) I decided to sign up for a 12K run on Thanksgiving Day. I recognize the fact that I can barely run a 5K right now but I need something to work towards and in my head, this is completely doable. There is nothing like fear to get me moving.

7) I love the new Powerbar Gel Blasts in Cola. I have not tried the lemon flavor yet, but these really rock. I hate trying to eat real gels and these don't stick to your teeth like the Shot Bloks do. Huge fan!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Slow and Steady

I ran in a 5K race yesterday and for the first time ever, managed not to stop and walk part of it. What blows my mind that even though I kept running, I ran my slowest 5K ever. I mean, I am always slow and that is fine, but wow. I looked back at my times for a 5 mile race I did back in July where I walked at least half of the course and per mile, I was only 8 seconds faster at this 5K. So, while I am proud I stuck through and kept moving, I am slightly disgusted at my times. If I am honest with myself though, I do have to admit that I have been a slacker when it comes to running lately. And by lately, I mean always. I would just rather be on my bike but that is just going to have to change so I am going to focus on getting several runs a week in even when I would much rather be riding and see what I can do to build up my endurance and my speed.

After the race I was supposed to meet up with a friend to ride but it started to rain so we bailed on that and rescheduled for today. It was still pretty wet out, but we decided to go ahead and go and it was really pretty nice...until we hit the turn around and got the full effect of the wind in our faces. It was pretty miserable, but I was able to get a good workout in by fighting that wind uphill. I think we only got in about 20 miles, but it felt like so many more!

It is still pretty dreary an rainy outside so I have spent the afternoon being a bum and am currently wishing I had more to write about so I could put off cleaning the house just a little bit longer!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Demon Kitten (aka why the kitten and I are getting a divorce)

I had a really good workout today although it did end up to be a little longer than I had planned. I have one friend that will ride with me as long as we don't go too far and basically just have fun with it. And that is great and perfect with me because just having the companionship is nice. It is possible though that I will never, ever get to choose the route we take again. Normally, we do the same little loop every time we ride, but today I wanted to mix it up and go off a different way that was marked as a bike route. Really, in all fairness to me, it was a great ride. We saw parts of our city neither one of us have ever seen before. I really thought the best part of the ride was seeing how decorative people could be when putting bars on their windows. We probably ended up going about 10 miles more than my friend wanted to do, but we both agreed it was a ride we would want to again....with mace. And maybe riot gear.

By the time I got back to my car, the sun was setting but I still wanted to go for a run while I was already out so I took off intending to go a few miles. I had only gone a little over half a mile when I realized the sun was not setting, but had in fact set and I was out in the middle of nowhere running all alone in park that is not the best place to be after dark. Actually, it is probably not always a great place to be in the daylight either. It is amazing how your imagination can start to go a little wild. What started out as a run ended up to be a sprint back to the car and as I ran, I kept a close eye on the lake. I am not sure if I expected something to rise out of it to try to get me or if that would just be a good place for some criminal to drag my lifeless body, but either way....that lake really bothered me. Obviously though, I did make it back safe and sound. Next time though....an earlier start and better planning.

Now, on to the kitten drama. I would like to point out that this is a joint custody kitten. I share her with my boyfriend. He gets her during the week and I get her on the weekends. (ahem...dearest...I know you read this. It is Wednesday.....and I still have the kitten. Pretty soon we are either going to start talking child support or we are going to have to go back to court on this one.)

Anyways, this adorable creature (her name is Sweeny Todd, the demon kitten of Flint Street) is her most affectionate at about 4am and loves to give kisses...right on the lips. Not the kind of kissing one hope to be awakened with for sure. If you spurn her affections, she becomes like a demon obsessed and must at all costs get back to those lips. So this is why I found myself at 4am hiding under my covers from the cat. I have found that if I wrap myself up really tightly, she can't get under the covers however there is a small problem with breathing. Usually at this point though, passing out from lack of air is close enough to sleeping that I would take it. Last night she got smart though and so instead of trying to get under the covers to attack me, she went for an aerial attack in order to drive me out. I am not sure what object she lept off of in order to get that kind of impact, but it was fairly impressive that a six month old cat could slam into my face with that much force. I bolted up in bed and began a verbal assault on the cat....whose job was apparently done at this point because after a small giggle from her, she curled up and went to sleep.

Now, on to tonight. I come back from not being murdered and find the new Runners World in the mailbox. I love magazine day and Runners World is really high up there on the list. After my workout I felt like quiet bath time reading my magazine would be well deserved. (Have I mentioned that the kitten is also obsessed with the bathtub and the toilet? As in, forget privacy. Ever.) Right about the time I am about the get in the tub, the door starts rattling. She has figured out that she can put her paw under the door and then shake it really hard and if she does it long enough, I will let her into where ever I have denied her access. Tonight is my tranquil bath night though and since I did not want to listen to a door rattling all night, I let the stupid beast in. Then the game starts because I am obviously not paying attention to her. First she reaches into the tub just enough to bat at the pages of my magazine. I can ignore that. Then she starts dipping her paw into the tub and splashing me just a little. I can ignore that as long as she does not get my new magazine wet. Finally, she realizes she is getting nowhere by being subtle. This is obviously a time for action. Not wanting to get fully soaked, she decides the best plan of action is to leap from the side of the tub onto me. Again, while I am still in the bathtub. Of course, doing this kind of feat does require the usage of claws for balance and upon bare skin, completely unappreciated by me. Needless to say, the next few minutes involve lots of shrieking, splashing, and ended up with the cat being chased out of the bathroom. I swear I heard her and the other cats laughing. So ends the tranquil bath. Stupid kitten.

Does this not look like the face of pure evil?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Option D

While I did bail on both of my races that I was debating on for this weekend, I managed to stay out from under the covers too. After spending two days with the stomach bug, I decided going into something still feeling sick and dehydrated was just not the smart way to go. After seeing the gusts of wind that morning, I did smile to myself a little and was glad I was not out on my bicycle not only fighting the hills, but the wind as well. So since no regrets is always the theme and since there are none, I did the right thing. I do have a 5K this weekend so I can redeem myself some.

I ended up spending the weekend with my parents riding horses all weekend and working on getting ready for a show next month. I have not been as focused on the horses as I should be and so for the next few weeks I am going to really have to work on that balance a little more. I have no idea how all of you guys out there that have kids and families do all this. I don’t get half of the training in that I should and I still get overwhelmed by it all! I know a lot of it is just planning and scheduling, but hats off to anyone that manages it and does it well!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Ok, instead of just being grumpy, it seems that I am really just sick which in a twisted way makes me feel a whole lot better. :) Getting over being sick is a whole lot easier for me than an attitude adjustment. So, now I have two days to get better so I can figure out what I am going to do this weekend!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Blahs

I have a major case of the blahs, probably all hormonally induced, but still having a hard time shaking them. I have two choices for races this weekend and really don’t want to do either one them. I am sure that this ambivalence will pass and when it does, here are my options:
A: 35 mile bike ride in my home town. This is a pretty hilly one that was super tough last year. Tough enough that after I did it last year, I did not touch my bike for months afterwards. Part of that was due to the weather, but part of it was due to the general frustration about my lack of performance on this race. I really had no idea that there could be 35 miles that could so completely kick my tail. Pros: hopefully do better than last year, see family. Cons: Two hour drive, gas (for the car, not personal issues), not well supported, and not great roads.

B. Race for the Cure 5k Run. This is local and obviously for a good cause. My only reason for not wanting to do this is the number of people that will be there and the only reason I am probably having an issue with that is because I am being a grumpy gus. Pros: local, need to run, good cause. Cons: Will have to be social and not snarl at people.

C. Stay in bed all weekend with the covers over my head!! Pros: I will get to stay in bed all weekend with the covers over my head!! Cons: ……ok….fine. I will probably feel guilty.

Yes, I know, this is just a mood and I am sure by the weekend, I will be ready to do something. I just can’t decide what. Normally I choose biking over running any day, but this bike ride…..eh. We will see what happens.