Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Random Thoughts

1) This is my second time writing this because right as I got to the end, I accidentally closed out the window. Be assured that this post was originally much more interesting and entertaining before. I cannot be expected to remember what clever things I said before much less repeat the performance.

2) It is cold and raining here. It is dreary enough to motivate me to do nothing. I do have a bike ride scheduled for tomorrow but the weather may not cooperate.

3) The time change is coming soon and it makes me grumpy. Non-active friends do not understand why this makes me so upset, but it really screws with my schedule when it gets dark an hour after I get off work. This means I am going to have to start getting up and working out in the morning so that there is appropriate horse time in the evening. Ugh.

4) I remember the days when I would workout and not feel the need to analyze my pee afterwards. Is it too dark? Too light? Should I be drinking more or less? Supplements? The fact I spend this much time thinking about it...and not writing about it. Wow.

5) My horse is getting his winter coat in and is also tubbing up so he can stay warm. By the way my pants fit this morning, I am apparently trying to do the same, but luckily do not seem to be growing excessive body hair as well.

6) I decided to sign up for a 12K run on Thanksgiving Day. I recognize the fact that I can barely run a 5K right now but I need something to work towards and in my head, this is completely doable. There is nothing like fear to get me moving.

7) I love the new Powerbar Gel Blasts in Cola. I have not tried the lemon flavor yet, but these really rock. I hate trying to eat real gels and these don't stick to your teeth like the Shot Bloks do. Huge fan!!

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BettyBetty said...

Early morning workouts...yuk! Definitely need a training buddy for that. Thanks for the review of the power bar things...haven't seen them yet but will keep an eye out.