Monday, October 6, 2008

Option D

While I did bail on both of my races that I was debating on for this weekend, I managed to stay out from under the covers too. After spending two days with the stomach bug, I decided going into something still feeling sick and dehydrated was just not the smart way to go. After seeing the gusts of wind that morning, I did smile to myself a little and was glad I was not out on my bicycle not only fighting the hills, but the wind as well. So since no regrets is always the theme and since there are none, I did the right thing. I do have a 5K this weekend so I can redeem myself some.

I ended up spending the weekend with my parents riding horses all weekend and working on getting ready for a show next month. I have not been as focused on the horses as I should be and so for the next few weeks I am going to really have to work on that balance a little more. I have no idea how all of you guys out there that have kids and families do all this. I don’t get half of the training in that I should and I still get overwhelmed by it all! I know a lot of it is just planning and scheduling, but hats off to anyone that manages it and does it well!


Anonymous said...

Smart choice, girl - no good can come from racing while your getting over being sick.

Don't stress about missed training. Things get in the way and life goes on :-)

Judi said...

Being sick sucks. Have fun riding. I wish I was!