Sunday, October 12, 2008

Slow and Steady

I ran in a 5K race yesterday and for the first time ever, managed not to stop and walk part of it. What blows my mind that even though I kept running, I ran my slowest 5K ever. I mean, I am always slow and that is fine, but wow. I looked back at my times for a 5 mile race I did back in July where I walked at least half of the course and per mile, I was only 8 seconds faster at this 5K. So, while I am proud I stuck through and kept moving, I am slightly disgusted at my times. If I am honest with myself though, I do have to admit that I have been a slacker when it comes to running lately. And by lately, I mean always. I would just rather be on my bike but that is just going to have to change so I am going to focus on getting several runs a week in even when I would much rather be riding and see what I can do to build up my endurance and my speed.

After the race I was supposed to meet up with a friend to ride but it started to rain so we bailed on that and rescheduled for today. It was still pretty wet out, but we decided to go ahead and go and it was really pretty nice...until we hit the turn around and got the full effect of the wind in our faces. It was pretty miserable, but I was able to get a good workout in by fighting that wind uphill. I think we only got in about 20 miles, but it felt like so many more!

It is still pretty dreary an rainy outside so I have spent the afternoon being a bum and am currently wishing I had more to write about so I could put off cleaning the house just a little bit longer!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 5K! Try not to stress too much over your time. Focus on having fun. :)

It took me 4 10k's before I could do one without walking! 3 years later... half marathons are no problem. Stick with it, it will get easier...

Anonymous said...

Nice job pushing through the 5K even though you were bummed with your time. I've had races like that...funny how they motivate us to work harder for the next one!

Great bike ride :-)