Thursday, December 11, 2008

One Stroke at a Time

Sorry for the lack of blogs lately, however there has been less time to report with and even less activity to report on! The one thing I have managed to get in is my swimming lessons and I really feel like those are really making a difference. Tonight was a tough night because we did a lot more actual swimming than just working on strokes.

It was tough realizing that when it comes to swimming, I am totally in craptastic shape. It was hard not to get bitter as after a few hundred yards the coach told me I was dragging my arms like I was tired. Now, she is a totally sweet girl and said this with full innocence and luckily I was too busy gasping to make some biting comment back. Instead of getting frustrated though, it just makes me more determined to schedule in more time to get in the pool. I did learn to do flip turns which will while that seems routine to most people, is a total blast for me to do. It makes me want to get to the end of the pool just so I can do one! Simple minds are always easily amused.

Another thing that is making a huge difference in the pool for me is the new goggles I got. My old ones leaked and fogged up so I never wanted to wear them. After doing some research, I ordered the Speedo Vanquish goggles and not only do they not leak at all, but I have not had them fog either. It amazes me how such a small change can make my swimming so much more enjoyable!

I have also been working on what races I plan to do next year. Right now the list is very long with everything I want to do, but I am sure it will get shortened considerable after reality sets in!


Rachel said...

You'll get back into shape soon! I'm out of shape too and it's been FOREVER since I've been in the pool. Yikes!

Judi said...

spend as much time in the pool as you can. that's the only way you'll get better.