Friday, May 1, 2009

Various Freakouts

I am signed up this weekend to do a sprint triathlon as a team and I will be doing the swim portion. Now that I have my wetsuit, there is not reason to avoid it. I finally tried it on after eyeing the box suspiciously for a few weeks. The good news is that is does fit. The bad news is that I will never be a superhero because being encased in rubber is SO not the look for me. Anyways, it is my first lake swim and my palms get all itchy and sweaty just thinking about it. So, we are not going to discuss it anymore until afterwards to avoid possible panic attacks.

Monday is my 29th birthday. I will be doing a birthday challenge of some sort in the vicinity of that date. (how much more vague can I get?) This birthday is bothering me a little because in my mind I am entering the very last of my twenties. One of my friends suggests a "30 things before 30" list of stuff I would like to accomplish in the next year and so that way when I hit 30, I will not be freaked out but feel accomplished when I finally get there! It is a good idea and I will be working on that. I am sure there will be several small things on there, but I would like to come up with some really good creative things as well. Go outside the normal and all of that. I am thinking a 70.3 will be somewhere on the list. If I don't drown on Sunday of course. :)


Anonymous said...

Goodluck on Sunday! :)

on my way, or "tri"ing to be said...

I too am doing my 1st sprint this Sunday! I am scared to death, I have been "training" for a while now, but that doesn't make the pit in my stomach any smaller.....I'll be sending good thoughts your way, while you swim!

Karen said...

You will do great! 30 isn't bad at all, for some reason 31 is the one that makes you feel older. Funny about the suit in the box. Mine has been in a box for months, haven't tried it on yet either - hope it fits! I wasn't too keen on pulling it on and off just cuz so in the box it sits.