Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Training...and Not Training

How to have a blast and train for a Triathlon:
We went to the lake this weekend where my next triathlon is going to be held and took my brothers new boat out. In between tubing and drinking beer, I would occasionally hop out and swim laps around the boat or if boat traffic allowed, try to swim to shore. In my mind, this has been the best swimming practice I have ever had. The water is warm and comfortable and I think this will be a really easy and fun swim.

How NOT to train for a Triathlon:
We also had a large trailer full of hay to unload this weekend. My job is to stand on top of the stack and throw down bales to people to stack inside the barn. I have always had a fear of falling off the top of stack, but in years of doing this, have never done so…until Sunday. I knew from the beginning it was not going to be a good day because I constantly kept falling in-between the bales because they were not stacked very tightly together. I recovered the first two times….the third time I was just too close to the edge and went tumbling off the side. Luckily, we had removed the first two layers so it was not nearly as tall as it could have been, however I did manage to fall on the bottom rail of a gate. I am bruised and sore, but very grateful it was not worse because it could have been very easily.

In other news, I have a new running partner. He is just getting into shape so we will work up to running, but it is going to be fun and really motivate me. Details to follow soon!!

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Rachel said...

Yay for warm lake swims! Boo for baling hay. I've done that. Not fun. But great upper body workout.