Thursday, November 19, 2009

Water Torture

I felt like this was my expression the entire time I was swimming on Tuesday. I take a lesson once a week with a coach and lately I have just been dreading it every week lately. Why? Because of this:

It is the bane of my existence. You see, I hardly kick at all while I swim. I use almost all arm strength. Trying to kick constantly is a lot like trying to pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time. I just suck at it. So, to work on this I get to work with the kickboard. The good news is that I can tell it is helping, but it sure is hard to get motivated to go.

I enjoyed reading the comments on my last post about the time limits my running club is putting on some of their longer races. I think there are several sides to this story but basically what I need to focus on is just getting faster and more consistent and it will not be a problem.

A big THANK YOU to Leah at BecauseITri She ran a picture caption contest and I won a runner up prize of a dozen gels that I know will come in handy soon! Thank Leah!


celmore said...

I have been swimming my entire life and I hate the kick boards!!!! I’m an upper body swimmer. I just use my legs for balance.

Leah said...

I hate kickboards too. My coach doesn't believe in them! Yay!

Wes said...

Yea, I hate kicking too. Honestly, the workout has nothing to do with kicking during a triathlon. Just grin and bear it :-)

Judi said...

can you use fins?