Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Weigh In

Today I knew I was not going to make it across town to weigh in at Weight Watchers so I weighed in this morning at home on my scale which oddly is not nearly as kind to me as the WW scale. I only lost .6lbs this week.

Oddly enough, I was grateful even for that small amount. I did not even deserve that after this last week. The snow and ice hit here this week and instead of taking an opportunity to work out at home, I reverted to slug status and spent several days with my nose buried in books.

AFter I emerged from my self imposed hibernation, I did my best to regain my lost motivation. It was easier than I thought because I realized that after just a few days of eating crap and being a slug, I felt like slug crap. Shock right? I had a tennis coach who always said "If you eat like crap, you play like crap". As a teenager, I rolled my eyes at this but it is so true. Our bodies crave good healthy food and reward us when we give it to them.

Today the snow and ice hit again but I am reacting in a different way. A long, somewhat slippery walk with the dog, a bike rde on the trainer, and a balanced dinner. Now, I can stick my nose back into my books for the night!

First Tri of the year on April 3!!!


Jen said...

Great job of getting it back. During my weigt loss, sometimes I was so grateful for a .5 loss that I could scream.

I am totally affected by the mid-winter blues. Is there anyway you can find something to do inside? I use DVDs when I am just not motivated to go out in the cold. Even just do weights would help.

Good luck! The can see Spring around the bend.

teacherwoman said...

A little weight loss is better than a gain, in my eyes. :)

Wes said...

I will share something with you that I read in my latest triathlon book. Instead of the losing calories in/calories out paradigm, the author suggested the Fat Lost + the Fat gained paradigm. He said a pound of muscle burns an extra 10K calories a year or something like that. Good stuff!!

Mike Russell said...

Give yourself some credit! You did maintain and you are back in the saddle. Even with snow and ice you can still get your workouts in. Make this a deciding week and spend time burning that fat!

Charisa said...

I'd say a loss is a loss :) Next week will be more!

Andy said...

That race will be here sooner than you think :) Keep up the good work with all you are doing! I should be so lucky that I only get the cold in Atlanta, but I hate the cold, so I don't go outside. Wes knows what I am talking about I think :)

prashant said...

I am just not motivated to go out in the cold. Even just do weights would help.

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