Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Focusing on the Positive

After my last hopeful happy post, the universe has decided that it is a bird and I am a statue. This has not been my week. And now this morning, after a mostly sleepless night, I woke up to Ann Coulter. Now, politically speaking, I am really pretty easy going. I see both sides a lot of times and don’t get overly worked up about a lot of things, however, SHE drives me insane. I know she goes to the extreme to get press and to sell books, but UGH!

Instead of going into other whiney details though (and trust me, I had a long list of them), I am going to focus on the positive which is that my new bike shoes are going to be delivered today! Which means my bike is going to go to the shop to get tuned up, get its new pedals on, and have all of the new cleats and adaptors put on that make this whole set up work. Hopefully they can get it all done so I can take it out this weekend.

I have my first race this weekend too. It is just a little two mile run but it is a nice way to start out the year. I am not expecting any great feats since I have had a yucky cold for the last week and have basically been a bum, but I am still looking forward to going. And I bet I still have a better time per mile from my last race! That is one of the nice things about being super slow; it is always easy to improve!


Rachel said...

Next time you wake up to her, just turn her off! That's what I did. I cringed when I heard her name and shut off the tube; I should be watching less telly anyway. Good luck on your race this weekend!

BettyBetty said...

I have zero interest in anything she says - so I usually change the channel. Good luck in your 2 miler!