Friday, January 16, 2009

Snot Head

I am way behind on updates on this. First of all, the first race of the year did not happen. I went to bed with a migraine, I woke up with a migraine and a cold and even after a 6am run to the pharmacy, I just did not think a 2 mile run was worth making myself more miserable for. So, the first race of the year has been postponed for a few weeks until there is another one locally. It is probably a good thing as this stupid cold is never going away and I will forever be a snot head. Well, even more of one than I was before I got the cold.

Swim lessons are still going well and I really feel like I am learning so much and I really look forward to them. My bike needs to go to the shop for a tune up and for some random sounds it is making that I cannot seem to fix.

On a very exciting and non-exercise related note, I get to go to Chicago and D.C. to visit a friend and help her move in March. I will be so happy to get out of town for a few days and go somewhere different. There is actually a St. Patrick's Day race in D.C. while I am there that I am thinking about doing just for something in a different climate and area. I am not sure if I have enough enough cold weather running clothes to layer on to be able to run outside in DC in March coming for Texas, but I am willing to try! I think most of all, the idea of seeing an old friend and just getting away from it all will really help get me through the next two months of winter blahs!


Leah said...

I hate migraines. Grrr. Hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the informative post, Swimming classes should be something that a person takes up when young. Well I guess an adult can also take up swimming lessons. Never too young to try!