Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hot Dam 2008

Well I did survive the run. It was not pretty and and it was not overly enjoyable, but I did finish. Dead last. That was a huge blow to my ego, but in a way it does make me want to work at it more.
To start from the beginning, I knew I was in trouble from the start. Actually from before the start as I was watching everyone line up. I was surrounded by real runners. You know the types. The kind of people that were obviously jackrabbits in another life. I did manage to get in with a group of similarly shaped people only to find out that they were just doing the 2 mile run. I was very tempted at the one mile turn around to just do the two mile, but I knew I would be disappointed in myself if I did that so I plodded on. The course had more hills than I expected but it was a pretty run around a small lake. A lake that I contemplated swimming across after the 2.5 mile turn around thinking it would be fast to swim across than continue running. I figured it would be frowned upon by the officials and that I really had no idea what kind of muck was in there.
I kept the person ahead of me in sight but barely. I tried desperately to keep up, but the second half was a lot of walking and I just had no more go. What was really bad was when one of race officials came driving up behind me and asked if I needed help. Mortified, I told him that I planned on continuing on my own steam even if it was very slow steam. None the less, a car followed me the rest of the way in which I suppose is the usual protocol, but still frustrating to me.
I averaged 12 minutes a mile which is pretty darn slow and I am embarrassed to type it, but I am doing it anyways because everything from here is going to be faster. MUCH faster. And really, I am semi relieved it was that fast considering the amount of walking I did.

After the race was over, I escaped pretty quickly and stopped and got a drink and two bags of ice. Climbing out of the car after sitting for awhile was pretty painful and I was glad I got the ice. I went to make an ice bath but apparently I was a little more brain dead than I though because when I turned the water on, I turned it all the way to hot instead of cold. I did realize the error pretty quickly but the bath ended up not quite as cold as it should have been. I think it still helped a lot though because I am not nearly as sore as I thought I would be today.

I still don't think this was fun at all, but it was very educational. Mostly because it did enlighten me to that fact I am going to have to really get it in gear and start working on speed work. But, I did finish and that is what matters. And now, I know that if I can do a 5 mile, I can do a 10k. Which is my next goal...and hopefully do it a little faster!! Thanks for all of your support and great suggestions! I appreciate all of you!


Anonymous said...

Great attitude, and way to stick it out and finish a painful race! Sounds like you learned a lot. This race will make the good ones even sweeter in the future!!

I know that feeling of having the race official pull up behind you at the end and ask how you're doing. It happened to me last year when I was the last swimmer in my olympic tri...the ole' kayak was behind me the whole way =(

Enjoy recovering...10K is a great goal to shoot for next. It's a fun distance :)

Leah said...

Congrats on getting it done even though you wanted to quit. It's so much easier to quit, but taking the hard road is so much more satisfying. LOVE that you tried to make an ice bath with hot water. Racing messes with my head in that way too and I sometimes lose all sense of logic. :)