Monday, August 4, 2008

Stupid Goggles

Ok I swam. It was not bad, but I remembered now the irritation I used to have Scuba diving when your dive mask would fog up. When diving masks fog up or get water in them, you can easily clear them. Not so with swimming goggles. So, I tried spit. No go. (I have crummy anti-fogging spit) I made my whole family spit in my goggles. Nothing. I tried toothpaste. Nope. Any other suggestions? I know they have anti fog spray, but I have not really looked for it yet.

As far as the actual swimming goes.....I need a coach. Seriously. I have been trying to get a picture in my head of how I look, but it is all bad. (imagine throwing a cat into the pool and watching it try to get out. That is me) I know I can get through the 500 M I need for the race just fine, but anything more than that and I am going to need considerable help with form. I have a feeling I am just wasting a lot more energy than I need to be.

Panic has now set in since my first triathlon is in less than 50 days. I had to take down my counter because it was giving me mini panic attacks. I know it will not be a big deal, but I just want to get through this one so I can go on to bigger and better! I have started looking for clothes to wear. I keep learning towards purchasing the one piece tri suits because they look so easy, but advice on this would be welcome! Suggestions? For this first triathlon, it is in reverse order with a pool swim last so at least I don't have to worry about a wetsuit!

In other news, HI TRIJONES!!!! I love your blog too!! Although some days, I might say some ugly things about you in my head because you are one of the ones that got this stupid triathlon idea in my head. Yes, you. Stop looking around at the other bloggers. Yes, there are some others to blame, but I would say you are in the top 3. So nice to hear from you!


margo said...

hellloooooooooo! do you have a local masters group you could join for your swimming? it helped me SO much.

Renee said...

I am not sure. I have not seen anything on the schedule at the Y. I was thinking of calling them because they said they had private lessons! If they don't do more advanced lessons, I think I will call one of the bike shops to see they know any coaches.