Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I have not ever been one to actually see how many yards I swim when I am at the pool. Really, I am just out there for survival at this point and anything beyond that is just a bonus. This week however, I really tried to keep track of how many yards I swam and I was fairly shocked to see that I can now swim over a mile (with minimal clinging to the side of the pool and gasping for air)! As best as I can count without having to look at my toes too much, I think I swam right around 1900 yards during my coaching session which gets me right past that mile marker! This may or may not have been the first time I have swum that far, but this is for sure the first time I tried to count. It kind of makes the idea of doing an Olympic length at the end of summer a little more possible. We will see though. While this may not seem like a lot for the Masters swimmers, I am elated. It was only six months ago that I could not swim 400 yards without backstroking and some dog paddling (and lots of clining to the side and gasping for air).

I also ran last night. We will pretend I did not count and see how far that was and just say I worked really hard for as far as I went. Which was not far. At all.

Have a good bike story coming up, but this one has to have pictures so I will work on that tonight.


Anonymous said...

That is FANTASTIC! I am still in the barely swimming 400y and clinging to the side, using the kickboard and taking a good 1/2 hour to do the routine!
I am inspired!

Leah said...

Nice work!!!

Mojjo said...

What is your favorit drink?