Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Time to Up the Swimming

Swimming yesterday was HARD! For the first time ever during our session, I actually looked at the clock to see how much more time I had left. I made the mistake of telling my swim coach that I needed to increase my yardage, and boy did we! It was good though and we worked distances and sprints. I am going up to two sessions a week with her for the next few months to really get ready for the next few triathlons. Hopefully between those sessions and my individual swims, this will be a breeze!
I also ordered my first triathlon wetsuit yesterday. I think this will be a short term wetsuit because it was fairly inexpensive (Neosport)but as long as it fits, then it will be fine for my first few. Then if I continue in this sport and get more serious about it, then I will invest in a better one. I am excited about it because it means my move out of the pool and into open water. Time to put on my big girl panties (or wetsuit as the case may be!).
In a funny note, someone the other day wrote a blog post warning about checking your swim suit to make sure the rear was not see through. I have been religiously checking mine to make sure ever since but I never thought about the same thing happening to shorts. I lent my roommate a pair of bike shorts that I don't use anymore so she could wear them at our triathlon and after we got done she was walking around and I realized that I could very clearly see her swimsuit under the shorts I had given her! I am so thankful she did not take my advice to just swim in the shorts because then she would have given everyone a show! Oops. So, it is good to make sure ALL of your sport clothing has adequate rear end coverage. Unless you are into that kind of thing....then more power to you!


Anonymous said...

Of course I agree 100% with you that swimming is super hard! My goal is to keep practicing!

Groover said...

Good luck with your open water swim. You had me laugh about the see through thing. I was riding behind someone the other day whose bike shorts were very worn and very much see through. Ooops. Not a nice sight!