Wednesday, April 30, 2008


We all have those pieces of equipment at the gym that we have a secret love affair with. If I am not on a spin class, then my equipment of choice is the Arc Trainer.

I love this machine. And usually I don't have a problem getting to use one since the gym has recently acquired other equipment that has TVs on it, so these are not as popular.....except to chatty pairs of girls apparently. Now normally when both machines are in use I stay in the cardio room and play on other machines while I wait for the interlopers to get off my machines. Now, I realize that they are not my machines, but I am somewhat territorial about them.
Now, if you are a hardworking individual, more power to you! If you are a pair of girls that talks the whole way through your workout you are not working hard enough and should stop wasting mine and the arc trainers time. Also, if you find that for 30 out of 40 minutes of your workout you are holding yourself up off of the pedals on the bars of the arc trainer, you are again, wasting time. I just wanted to tell them that if they would do 20 minutes without holding themselves up on the bars, they would do so much more for themselves then wasting an hour on the machine.
But this is me being grumpy. I should look on the positive side and say how much more well rounded and longer my workout was due to the fact that I had to circle the gym like a vulture waiting for prey as these girls hogged my machine. That is how I am going to look at it from now on. And also be sure to get to the gym earlier so I don't have this problem again. :)

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