Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spin and Grin

You know what my favorite part of my crazy schemes (aka triathlon training) is? When you tell someone that you want to do a triathlon and as your cringing, just waiting for them to tell you how nuts you are.....and they think your crazy plan is a good one! I am in desperate need of a friend to work out with and I may have found one. I don't think she is going to be in a big rush to do one because she does not have a bike yet, but it will still be fun to have someone to talk to and hopefully workout with. And share mistakes with. That will be my favorite thing of all.

After my workout yesterday, I was on top of the world. I adore spin classes for several reasons:

1) The music. I grin like an idiot the whole time that music is pumping.
2) People. I have spent a large portion of my life trying to avoid people, groups, etc.....but I have found when it comes to working out, I need that interaction and that drive. If someone next to me is spinning faster than I am....that is a challenge!
3) No fear of being run over by a car. Time on my bike is so important and I realize that, but I love the safety of the spin room. There are no cars coming up behind me and honking (seriously, why? I am starting to think the people that do that are like the people who yell at cows in the pasture. Both me and cows want to be left alone.) My town is not very bike friendly yet, but hopefully as gas prices continue to rise, there will be more people on bikes and drivers will have to be aware of us!
4. Accomplishment. I remember a few years ago when I could barely get through a class and now I try to always work one level up from what the instructor is doing to get more of a challenge out of it. And I still grin. :)

Now, the goal is going to be get that same accomplishment and grin factor from running. Sigh. That one may take a little longer.

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