Friday, September 12, 2008

Got Gopher Wood?

Even though Lubbock is about 9 hours away from Hurricane central, we are experiencing what the weathermen are calling a "100 year flood". Ok, so don't laugh when I tell you how much rain we have had because I know a lot of you live in really rainy states. We have 8 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. I realize that does not sound dramatic but I live in a city that has NO drainage. Why? Because it never rains. Until now apparently.

So anyways, I am on my way to the gym yesterday in the flood and fairly excited because I certain the gym will be deserted because of the rain. In my mind this is because everyone else will just be weenies and not want to get wet. It never crosses my mine that people will not be going to the gym because they are smart rational people and actually listen to newscasters when they tell everyone to stay home and not to get out on the roads. To make a very long story short, an hour later I find myself still not at the gym and have a car that is flooded out in the middle of the road. I did get it pushed out to dryish land and hopefully it should be ok once it dries out some. I have been harassed to no end about my stubbornness to get to the gym and if I wanted to swim that badly I could have just gone out in the street to swim. Smart alecs.

As far as the triathlon, I am signed up, but the officials are getting very wishy washy about what they are going to do. They were saying rain or shine but as Lubbock is now in a state of emergency, they are becoming a little more hesitant. They were talking about just taking out the bike portion (why yes, yes that would be my only strong leg) and just doing an extra run (yippee!), but we will see what happens! I am sure they will have something regardless and it will be fun! Until then, I will be in my backyard building a mini ark for me, my cats, and my dog. And hoping that my cars starts up once it dries out and does not have to visit the doctor!

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