Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reunion Recap

My 10 year class reunion went great except for being crashed by pathetic guys who graduated years ahead of us but since they are still stuck in our hometown with dead end jobs working for their parents have nothing better to do but to show up to parties uninvited and drunk and basically make total jerks of themselves. Slightly obnoxious but you just hope in the long run that they end up in AA and not wrapped around a telephone pole.

On the same note, here is a conversation NOT to have with your boss on returning from your 10 year reunion:

Boss: “How was your reunion?”
Renee: “It was great! Everyone has gotten larger and balder.”
Follicle challenged Boss: (tilts his head so I can catch the reflection from the lights on the top of his head)
Renee: “stammer”
Boss: “You were saying?”
Renee: “But they are so much younger than you!”
Aged and follicle challenged Boss: “So…..I am old and bald.”
Renee: “………”
Renee: “Here is my resignation”

Overall the time back home was good. I have come to terms with the fact that my family likes my boyfriend better than me. I think my mother still likes me better though and that is what is important. I did set out to go for a run on Saturday morning, but my brother drove past me on the way to work and mention that his kids were sitting in front of the tv which he knew would drive me nuts. I ended up stopping to get them (they live right down the road from my parents) and my run became a nice long walk with them, but still good because it was uninterrupted time with them and gave them a chance to talk non-stop to me without me getting distracted which can be a bad habit of mine. I did not think they would make it the whole way just because the number of hills, but they ended up walking about 2.5 miles without a single complaint!

I am trying to get ready for a bike race in my hometown that last year I did not take seriously because it was just a little 35 mile race that was for charity. I nearly died between “Nine Mile Mountain” and “Roller Coaster Road”. Seriously. This year, I am taking it seriously and will not get off my bike after a hill and throw a temper tantrum (I seriously contemplated disabling my bike at this point just to get out it). I just never knew they could make 35 miles hurt so badly. Anyways, the next two weeks are serious hill and strength training times for me!


BettyBetty said...

You are brave going to your reunion! I've skipped mine thus far. I don't know why exactly...antisocial I guess. ANYWAY..funny interaction with the boss. 35 hilly miles can really suck if you are not ready for it. You sound like you are with the stuff you've been doing.

Steve Stenzel said...

Really? A 10 year reunion crashed by people who should be at their 12 year?

As Jim Carrey would say: LA-WHO Z-ERs.

Leah said...

Funny convo with your boss!