Monday, September 8, 2008

To Tri Or Not To Tri

I spent yesterday at Caprock Canyons State Park and spent a few glorious hours climbing up and going down hills and enjoying the gorgeous views. It is amazing sometimes what a change of scenery can do for your attitude. I also went on a short hike and realized that in addition to doing hills on my bike; my legs really need hill training too. Ouch!

The whole time I was on the bike, I kept thinking about this sprint tri that is this weekend at Tech. It is a 400 meter pool swim, 11 mile bike ride, and 2.4 mile run. For those of you who don’t know, I have not done a tri yet and there was one I was going to do in a few weeks, but it turns out my 10 year high school reunion is on the same day. So I have been debating on doing this sprint this weekend, but I am really not prepared at all. Not prepared as in I have not been in the pool in at least 6 weeks and run in about 3. All of my focus has been on biking lately. So do I go wing this or go watch and try to figure out what I am supposed to be doing and do one well?

1.I would be getting my first one over with and so all of that apprehension would be over with and I could just get it done.
2.It is local so easy to get to.
3.Pool swim!!!

1.I have no idea what I am doing except for reading from books and blogs
2.Clothes. I know that sounds stupid but I don’t have a tri suit. Can I just wear a swim suit and then put my bike shorts and top on over that in transition? Or do I swim in my bike shorts? Thoughts?
3.My running. Wow. Bad. It would be a lot of walking. Again, do I just get through it even if I am last? It is not like it would be the first time. Or probably the last time. Time to grow up and get over it right?

I need friends who do this so I have people to pat my back and tell me this is going to be ok. I am all for being strong but sometimes feeling alone and scared sucks. ( yeah yeah, the whole cry me a river thing coming back to bite me) I have to find a coach. I may have a lead on one and maybe that would be the first step. And maybe if I went this weekend, I could make friends!

On shoe and pedal news, I think I am going with the speedplays and a pair of Louis Garneau shoes. I am excited to finally make the choice because it gets so overwhelming when you are new and know nothing. Best of all, they both come in pink. Ok, the shoes are black with just a pink stipe, but I like them. :)


Leah said...

I agree this is a tough decision. It sounds like a good first triathlon to do. And it sounds like you know what your limitations are having not trained as much as you would have liked. So, you could go for it and keep your expectations in check. I'd hate for you to not enjoy the experience! (Fyi, I didn't really enjoy my first tri, but it fired me up to train harder.)

You don't need a trisuit. You can swim in bike shorts. They'll be wet on the bike, but you probably won't notice. I never do! (Tri-specific shorts use a smaller chamois and quicker-drying material.) You might find it hard to pull shorts up over wet skin/swimsuit. Something to consider.

Whatever your decision, no regrets, ok?

Rachel said...

Do it! You'll love it. You so need to be tri-devirginized!

Anonymous said...

You kinda sound like you want to do this ;-) You know you'd be fine one the bike! Being a pool swim, it's okay to stop and catch your breath at the ends, and you could run/walk the run. Like Leah said, as long as you keep your expectations in check you'll be fine. I'd go in with the attitude of doing it for getting some experience and fun. (you might surprise yourself and do awesome, too!)

I like swimming in tri-shorts with the smaller chamois and found some on sale for about $20, but you can swim in regular bike shorts, too.

Good luck with your decision :D

Anonymous said...

BTW, my husband is doing his first sprint tri this weekend! He is still getting the hang of swimming so knows he will have to stop at then ends of the pool to "regroup." I'll be doing the same tri with 2 friends as a relay. I'm the swimmer (which is funny to me cuz I'm not that fast compared to most).

BreeWee said...

YES! There is no way you could say no! There is nothing more fun and exciting than doing something for the first time... then falling in love with it... and doing it AGAIN & AGAIN! Do it! If I was there I would totally pat your back and cheer you on, then I would probably put you in the car and FORCE you to do it (you could thank me later). This weekend is the anniversary of my first ever tri! It was a sprint, about 4 years ago and you better believe I am going back to do it again this weekend!

What do you have to lose? NOTHING... gotta love peer pressure :)

DO IT! You got a cheer coming from the middle of the Pacific Ocean :)

Judi said...

Just go for it. I was DFL in my 1st tri and that was an oly distance. You can do this, you totally have the endurance. If you walk the run, who cares. You will be fully hooked once you do your first. Looking forward to a RR with some pix!