Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting Ready to Go

My horse is now waiting in transition for me at my parents and we are both ready to go to the show tomorrow. My show whites are…..not so white after an unfortunate washing incident, but I am going to attempt to fix that before I leave. We are going to head to the show on Wednesday and I ride on Thursday. Wish me luck! I am getting fired up and am excited to go and hoping that since this is the one show I have really been able to go to this year it is not only a successful one, but also a fun one! I am going to try really hard to remember my camera!

I was kind of amazed at the number of gadget-less people! (And people I really look up to!) I think for now I will remain one of them and keep things very simple. Not to mention the fact that I really have not mastered all four of the buttons on the current watch I have so why I really think I need something more complicated, I don’t know. It is really sad but I have to get one of my friends to set my watch for me before I run. It is sad. I would like to get my super cheap bike computer set up so I could keep track of mileage for the year.

I talked my boyfriend into doing a 5k with me! Ok, I asked him to do a 5k with me and he turned over and grunted. Which is a much better response than any other time I had asked him about it so I think this is a very positive thing that he did not say a flat out no! So, because I know he reads this, please say very positive things about what a great experience it will be and how much he will love it! :) Now, I just have to find the perfect one for us to do! And matching outfits of course! (Stop rolling your eyes dear. You are stuck with me.)


gcook_50 said...

grunt... And the whole matching outfit thing...not so much.

The Boyfriend

BettyBetty said...

Good luck at the show! The beauty of the gadgets that are out there now is that they are less complicated than trying to master the tiny buttons on an iron man watch. Something I was never able to do. Could never remember what did what.

Charisa said...

good luck at the show - sounds fun!! Post some pics :)