Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Temporary Off Season

Again with the whole bad blogger thing, I know. Sadly I have had a shameful lack of material for you guys so therefore-no posts. Since I have been getting ready for this horse show, I have decided to take my off season break now and will start my half marathon training in two weeks when the show is all done! Really, I will this time! :)

I am not sure if Garmin has been advertising their 405 a whole lot lately or if it just keeps catching my eye, but I have to say I am interested. It is such overkill for someone like me but I do love the toys. After investigating a little more, it looks like what I really need is one of the bike Garmins, but they just look like something I would break within a week and then cry over. I am thinking I need to take babysteps as far as electronics are concerned before I invest the big bucks but if anyone has any advice, I would love it!


jay said...

Whoo-hoo! Horray for the off season. Enjoy the time off! What all does a horse show entail?

Renee said...

I will enjoy the time off although I did go for a short run last night and that was nice! I ride dressage on my Arabian horse. Here is a post that tells a little more about it. http://trimeariver.blogspot.com/2008/07/since-rachel-asked.html

Anonymous said...

I've been chilling too...just a few short runs here and there before I get serious again. It's been so nice :)

I do love my Garmin, especially for the bike (I have the thing that clips on the bars so you can put in on there). But, sometimes I enjoy NOT using it because I'm not really a "numbers person."

Leah said...

I don't have a Garmin. I've not been using anything but a stopwatch! It's kind of fun not knowing my mileage, HR, speed, etc. Very liberating.

Steve Stenzel said...

YAY off season!!

And electronics, shmelectronics! Just wear a watch! (this is coming from someone who's a little anti-garmin, anti-HR monitor, and anti-iPod, so take it with a grain of salt...)


Jennifer Harrison said...

Enjoy the off season! I do not have a Garmin either - I like a HR monitor but I have had a Garmin and enjoyed it! :) Jen H.