Friday, November 21, 2008


For the first time ever...I am excited about swimming! Ok, I have always liked swimming, and always thought I was a decent swimmer but certainly not well equipped enough to swim long distances. I worked with the instructor yesterday and she was a huge help in figuring out how to perfect my strokes and I was amazed at how much easier and faster I went through the water. It made all of the difference in the world just having someone work with me for 30 minutes. Now I am super excited to go back and work on this some more before my next lesson!

It is just not starting to get cold here but luckily the weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend and in the 60's so I am planning on getting out and enjoying it by going for some bike rides and some runs while this gorgeous weather lasts! I feel like I need to really appreciate this weather after reading about everyone else dealing with snow and ice already I will enjoy this gift I have been given!

On a totally random note, I have a blemish (I am too old to have pimples. I refuse to admit it, I don't care how common it is) right below my eye and I can see it and it is driving me bonkers and I am sure I keep making the oddest faces as I look down at it. If only I had not killed my camera. Sniff.


ncrunner12 said...

Yes, please enjoy your warm weather while you can. I wish now that i could have gotten some longer runs in while it was mid 40's at 6 a.m.

I've been to Dallas during the cooler months so i know it does get cold there but nothing like or blogger friends in the North East and Midwest. It's already getting cold here in NC, so please enjoy it.

Leah said...

Having a swim coach/teacher has made all the difference for me. I am jealous of your warm weather!

BettyBetty said...

I would kill for weather in the 60's!

jay said...

Things are starting to cool don out here as well... but not too the point where I am losing motivation.

congrats on the great swim! Having a coach is one of the best hings you can do for yourself. Good luck with your coach and happy swimming. :)

Wes said...

60? I'm moving! Where do you live? :-)

(p.s. blemishes sound good. I call mine critters!)