Monday, July 28, 2008

I will....

I will go swim.
I will not be insecure about my swimming.
I will not be intimidated by the "real" swimmers.
I will remember that no one is paying attention to what I am doing but me.
I will stop putting this off.

In other events, I loaded up my bike and went to a local park to ride. It was gorgeous with several small hills to practice on. The bike routes were not really long enough and after a couple laps, it got boring so I think I will ride there next time in order to get enough miles in. It was a nice change of pace though and next time I will remember to take my camera since it is just about the only scenic ride I have been on in awhile.

Besides the swimming goal, I am also going to learn ride without my camelback and be able to reach down and grab a water bottle without becoming one with the road. Or on the road. You know what I mean. I have been riding long enough to have the balance to do it so it is time! I keep reminding myself how much cooler I will be without the camelback and that is helping to motivate me.

I have also figured out that my 10 year high school reunion is the same weekend as the Sprint Tri I had wanted to do. It was supposed to be my first and I am loath to put it off, but it keep going back and forth. Obviously a reunion is only held every few years and they have triathlons all the time, however I do spend a lot more time working out and thinking about working out than I ever do thinking about people from HS. Hmm....still time to work it out. If I can find one in the area the weekend before or after I guess that would help make up my mind.

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Leah said...

I totally hear you about feeling self-conscious at the pool. Just this year I am getting comfortable going to pools other than the one I swim at all the time. You're right, no one is paying attention to you!