Friday, August 21, 2009

Pet Photo Friday

Ok, I could pretend I take pictures of things other than my pets, but even if I actually did, there is no way that anything else could be this cute.

One day, Greg was changing clothes so we could go out. I did not realize that Sam was in there with him until he came out wearing Greg's shirt. He was very proud of his shirt!

Sam has a very long tongue. This kind of reminds me of a scene from Beetlejuice.

My old roommate got this pillow specifically with Sally in mind. It fits her personality perfectly and she sleeps with it so often it really makes me believe that she can read.

We had two foals born at my parents farm recently and their German Shepard was so excited because she thought she finally had playmates her size.

The bengal kitty stare down.

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Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

cute pet photos. I need to post photos of my pets sometime. :-)