Wednesday, August 12, 2009

POM Wonderful

Recently I was sent a case of POM Wonderful pomegranate juice to try out. I have seen this in stores for awhile but have never tried it until now. I love pomegranates, but they are kind of a pain to eat enough to get health benefits from so I was interested to try this out.

First of all, the little bottles are adorable. Not enough reason to buy it of course, but I think they are super cute. Second of all, and the most important…it tastes incredible. It is like a better tasting grape juice and it has a nice twang. I was afraid it would be a little bitter or sour, but it is really good, which is the first step to drinking anything that is supposed to be good for you! If it tastes gross, you are not going to want it to take it. To reaffirm my taste buds were not the only ones that liked this, I gave it to an 11 year old, my boyfriend, and my boss to try and they all were impressed.

After trying it, I started looking at the material they sent and also looking at the website. There are a lot of health benefits to drinking POM juice including prostate health, erectile function, and it is antioxidant powers. The one that impacts me the most is cardiovascular health though. In a family that has a history of heart disease and high cholesterol, I want ever advantage I can in order to prevent having problems later on. The information they have on the website is clear and is also very convincing and worth checking out.

One thing that I am going to post on here from the website is a recipe I found on there for an Athlete’s Post-Workout POM Smoothie. This just looks incredible and I can’t wait to
try it.

Athlete's Post-Workout POM Smoothie
• Ice (to taste or texture)
• POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice
• Fresh blackberries
• Frozen cranberries
• Fresh bananas
• Fresh blueberries
• Fresh kiwi
• Fresh strawberries
• Spinach leaves
• Carrots
• Tomatoes
• Heaping tablespoon of ground flax seed
• Orange juice


Put all ingredients into a blender. Use the freshest fruit you can get for the season and you may need to adjust ice or other ingredients to taste.

Blend ingredients until smooth and enjoy.

There are other good recipes on the website that are worth taking a look at. If you are looking to try this, at my local stores I have found it in the refrigerated sections and not in the regular juice aisle.

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Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I tried it too. Very yummy.