Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Blues

The only bad thing about having Monday off of work? Tuesday turns into Monday and now you are a day behind to boot!

The weight loss has been up and down. I hit my all time high weight a few days ago, but now am luckily down several pounds. I am sure it would have been down more, but I spent several days in the car traveling to meetings and that is the worst diet sabotage time for me. Now I am back home and eating more whole foods and lots of veggies and I am seeing a real difference in weight and overall feeling great. Grease has such a nasty way of being addicting but it just makes you feel like crap at the same time. I have started tracking with the Daily Plate at http://livestrong.com and I think that helps a lot too. I loved Weight Watchers, but this is free and the database is HUGE for foods.

I did get in some running miles this weekend and that was good. I had planned on doing a short out and back one day, but ended going further and doing a big loop because the dogs on the out and back path were really aggressive and not anything I wanted to face twice. Good motivation to go further! My pup was not quite so impressed and we walked the last mile partly because he was pooped and also because I had a huge nasty blister on the back of my heel.

I have the Hotter N Hell 100 coming up in less than two weeks that I am getting excited about. I am not trained for a ton of bike miles, but I am still going to do the 100K. I am in no hurry this year and just want to enjoy the race, the incredible rest stops, and the fantastic people. And maybe a little bit of shopping and/or drooling at the Expo. :)


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Good luck with the 100K. :-)

Wes said...

Oh yeauuzzz... It's all about the expo :-)

Leah said...

Yea, definitely hard to go back on a Tuesday. But at least the week is shorter!!