Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Allergic to Water?

A very large wrench has been thrown into my training plans. It seems I am allergic to water. More specifically, the water at the YWCA where I have been attempting to swim. The first sore throat and congestion I blamed on my boyfriend and his constant cold. Now, after repeated sore throats that only occur AFTER I have been swimming, I have to think that the water is slowly poisoning my will to swim. I am guess the chemicals in the pool are a little much for me. I am hoping that will time, I will get used to it....especially since I bought a set number of swim tickets. However, any advice would be greatly appreciated!! And in case you are wondering, I am not gulping down the water in the pool glass by glass. There is a possibility I am swallowing some of it as I flail from one end to the other, but I seriously don't think I am getting that much in my system. I am thinking it is the breathing in of the chemicals, but I could be wrong. Still, any helpful hints would be great!

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Leah said...

Omg, this same thing happened to me last year. I figured out that sometimes the people who run my pool give it a chemical "shock" to lower bacteria counts (blech). Whenever that happened, I felt awful. Then I started spraying my nose with saline spray (buy at the drugstore) and blowing into a tissue after each swim. It helped a lot, but it took a bit of time.