Thursday, March 13, 2008

First Swim, then Spin

The swimming portion is not something I have ever had any concerns about when thinking about doing this triathlon (except for maybe the whole bathing suit thing). I have really been worried about the runs and put the swimming on the back burner. While I still believe that run is going to be the hardest portion for me, I am no longer unconcerned about the swim. Let me preface this by saying that I can swim, but I have never swum laps except once for my Scuba test. I have always enjoyed swimming but have never really worked at it.
I got my membership to the YWCA over a week ago but have procrastinated about this ever since signing up. I have no idea what the rules are for swimming laps, staying out of peoples way, etc and so therefore have "accidentally" overslept for the past several days. Until today. I figured that I would get there as soon as it opened at 5:30 am, beat the crowd and get to figure this out on my own without the other kids pointing and laughing at me. I arrived at 5:31.....and the pool is packed. Seriously? When I go to the gym this early, there is never anyone there. Swimming in the morning is popular apparently.
It did not appear that people were sticking to lanes so I squeezed in between two older ladies who were just bobbing along and (gulp) a serious looking swimmer. I quickly slipped into the pool (whole bathing suit thing again) and started out. The first four laps or so started out pretty easily, but then it started getting harder....and more depressing as I realized I had only gone half of the length of the swim for the first triathlon I wanted to do. This was actually going to be work. AND I got hot while swimming. This was really a first!
I managed to get about 14 laps in...only because no else was getting out so I kept pushing myself to do one more in hopes someone would come out before me. Silly I know. I finally gave up and quit after 25 minutes which I was semi-embarrassed about, but again, this is all for fun. If I just can go 5 minutes longer each time, I will have it made! Oh, and form. I am going to have to work on that. Like I need to have some semblance of it. I suppose eventually I will need to get to the point where it does not feel like I am thrashing like a fish fighting the line, but all in good time. I think a coach is going to have to come into play at some point, but for now, my main goal is to just not sink!
I have a spinning class planned for this afternoon which will be a highlight for my day. While they are tough, I feel like I grin like an idiot through most of the class because I love the high energy and just the fun in taking a class instead of just working out on my own. When I first started bike riding, I did not have a lot of time before it got dark to ride my bike on the weekdays so I took 2 or 3 spinning classes a week....and I sailed through my first 100K. I was shocked because I really did not feel like I had trained enough, but obviously those classes paid off. I have not done one in awhile so I would imagine that tomorrow I will be feeling it!

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