Monday, March 17, 2008

Getting out of the zone

My workouts this weekend, although not triathlon focused, were still really good. I did a Power/Step class with a friend and while I felt like the geeky kid at the Junior High dance that has two left feet, it was really a lot of fun. This was at a different gym owned by the same company as mine that I have access to, but never go to because it is out of my comfort zone. This was another good reminder to go out of my comfort zone because people there were so NICE! People at my gym are certainly not rude, but not overly friendly either. This was nice to be around people who were very helpful and accepting.
Saturday afternoon, I went back to my gym to say goodbye to my best friend, the Arc Trainer. (another comfort zone item) I thought my gym was getting rid of all of the old equipment and getting all new stuff, but luckily it was just the weight machines they were replacing. My obsession with the Arc Trainer is secure for awhile!
Overslept again and missed the spinning class this morning, but this evening I will regroup and try something else! Maybe even something new. I could be pleasantly surprised!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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